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Counting References for an eDirectory Identity

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Mada Sailaja

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Posted: 12 Dec 2007


You need to find out the total number of references for any identity in eDirectory (8.7.3 + later or 8.8 + later).


1. Log in to iMonitor with administrator credentials with the following link:
https://<IPAddress:Https Port> /nds
Figure 1 - iMonitor Agent Summary screen 2. Select the identity (for example, cn=admin on the Navigator frame). After selecting the identity the link will appear like this:
https://IPaddress:Https port/nds/object?dn=/CN'=admin,OU'=administrators,O'=organization,SCAL-ASH-40-131

Figure 2 - iMonitor Entry Information 3. Append &attr=reference to the above query. The link will appear as this: https://IPaddress:Https por/nds/object?dn=/CN'=admin,OU'=administrators,O'=organization,SCAL-ASH-40-131&attr=reference Figure 3 - iMonitor Reference list

This will display the references and the total no of references of the identity selected.

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