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Running RConsoleJ on Linux

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By Eric Duncan

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Posted: 7 May 2002

Wouldn't it be nice to administer your Novell network without any Windows workstations? (OK, my dream maybe!) Novell has done a great job of porting ConsoleOne to the Linux and Solaris platforms, but RCONJ was never ported; it always required a Windows .exe to launch....Until now!

I looked inside the rconj.exe program to see what it was doing and made a Linux shell script that accomplishes the same thing. You can either copy the /public/ConsoleOne/1.2 directory to your local Linux filesystem, or, better yet, just export the public directory via NFS and get to the ConsoleOne directory that way.

Here's my Linux shell script that accomplishes this:

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/IBM_Java2-13/
java -cp

Editors Note: We added line breaks in this code so it would fit on our page. We're pretty sure it will run better if you straighten everything out (into one line) before you give it a try.

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