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Speed up NetWare Access From Win2K Desktops

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By Sterling Smith

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Posted: 23 May 2002

Here's a fix that's guaranteed to make you the hero; almost every NetWare customer running Win2k complains about this.

Do you use Windows 2000 desktop? And do you use it to connect to a NetWare Box? Of course you do. And if you are like me you are annoyed at the long network neighborhood delays when opening and browsing Novell.

There's a TID on the Microsoft site that offers the reason, and a fix. Here's what they say:

When you try to open a computer folder on a NetWare-based (or compatible) network from a Windows 2000 computer that is running Microsoft's Client Service for NetWare, you may experience a delay of 20-30 seconds.
This problem can occur when the Windows Explorer program tries to open the remote registry to determine if the computer supports a Task Scheduler to display the Scheduled Tasks folder. The API that performs this operation takes a long time to time out and not work.

Here is the full information.;en-us;Q269590

It is absolutely amazing how quickly you browse the network when this is applied.

Get the fix here: Windows 2000 Network Delay Fix

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