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The iChain Wizard

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Posted: 23 Oct 2001

Version: iChain 2.0

The iChain Wizard automates many of the tasks of setting up and configuring the iChain system. It uses an FTP interface to send a list of configuration commands to the iChain Proxy Server, which then automatically configures itself. The iChain Wizard is an interface included with ConsoleOne that helps to integrate the configuration of the iChain Proxy Server and the iChain Authentication Server. It can dramatically decrease the amount of time needed to accelerate a resource on the network.

Note: While most normal configurations can be done using the wizard, there are some advanced configurations which still require the use of the Web-based administration utility or the command line.

To find out how to use the iChain Wizard to create a basic configuration, see this section of the documentation.

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