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How to update drivers during an iChain 2.0 install

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Posted: 12 Nov 2001

Version: iChain 2.0

Here is the right way to update the IDE and SCUZZI drivers when installing iChain 2.0. The CD-ROM will be the most common failure on an install. Before attempting the driver update, try changing the CD-ROM to a different manufacturer, or try using an external SCUZZI CD-ROM.

  1. Install the proxy via the CD.
  2. After the initial reboot (the first portion of the installation will create the DOS partition and copy the drivers and startup files to C:\NWSERVER), hit F5 or F8 as DOS boots ('F5 prevents the startup files as well as; F8 allows a line by line prompt through the startup files).
  3. Load
  4. First try copying ONLY IDEATA.HAM and IDECD.CDM to both D:\NWSERVER and D:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS for safe measure. (C: will be the CD.)
  5. Reboot the system and let the installation go as planned.

This should get it going. If it does not, the failure will probably be while creating the volume LOG on the system. If it does fail/hang, then start the installation over as described above, copying ADPT160M.HAM and SCSIHD.CDM to D:\NWSERVER and D:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS as well as IDEATA.HAM and IDECD.CDM.

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