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Posted: 17 Jun 2002

Version: iChain 2.x

We've heard from some people who want to configure shortcuts in Novell Portal Services in which the shortcut calls URLs that are Web apps accelerated by iChain. They are hoping for a way to set things up so people don't have to login multiple times.

If you're on iChain 2.0 you can't do it. Here's why. Once you authenticate to iChain, a cookie is set on the browser that is linked to the domain that you have accessed to. If you access another accelerated site via iChain that has a different domain than the one you have authenticated to, you will be asked to relog in.

However, if you are on 2.1, you've got a couple of options. You could take advantage of the domain based multi-homing when renaming the newly named URLs, or enable the cross-domain authentication feature that allows you to authenticate once to all accelerators defined in a domain.

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