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iChain support for SecretStore

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Posted: 17 Jun 2002

Version: iChain 2.x

People have been asking about what kind of support iChain 2.x offers for the Secret Store used by NSL. Here's the scoop:

Our NSL install does not extend schema for Proxy SecretStore that is used by iChain. You need to login as admin to the tree and make the target server and the tree your primary tree and then run "sssinit.exe," available on install CD or its image, and extend schema for both proxy and regular SS.

Also be sure to look at ldap server object "other" tab in ConsoleOne and make sure the SecretStore extensions are on that object. LDAP server loads the LSSS.NLM that is the SecretStore extension manager. LSSS.NLM then loads SSLDP.NLM, which is the LDAP plugin on SecretStore and SSLDP.NLM makes sure that SSS.NLM is loaded. Either one of the plugins ("SSNCP.NLM, and SSLDP.NLM) load SecretStore Service (SSS.NLM.)

If your extensions are not added to the LDAP server, or you still have problems, try to run LDAPINIT.EXE with the /R option to remove the extensions and then run that once more to add the extensions to the LDAP server.

LDAPINIT.EXE with /? or /H option will give the command line options and format to use. Just like SSSINIT.EXE you have to be logged in to the target server and tree as admin and you should make that server and tree your primary connection thru the connection tab of the NETWARE CLIENT 32 in the Network Neighborhood. Pay attention to the format of the LDAP server DN on the command line; you should get the exact string out of the ConsoleOne.

Also, make sure the LDAP NDK NLMs are loaded on your server.

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