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iChain 2.1 and FormFill

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Posted: 24 Jan 2003

We've had some reports from customers who've upgraded from iChain 2.0 to iChain 2.1 losing their some of their FormFill functionality. It appears that new users could not use FormFill to single sign-on to Portal Services.

Here's the technical explanation from Technical Services:
Users with problems are generating an LDAP query to modify the ichainformfillcrib attribute and a -608 Illegal Attribute is being sent back from authentication server.

ichainformfillcrib attribute is an aux class attribute and one of the classes that this attribute has to be linked to is the PERSON class. This link was missing in customer environment while it was present on the 2.1 working environment.

Here's what fixed the problem:
Using ConsoleOne Schema Manager add the ichainformfillcrib attribute to the PERSON class. Once technical services has performed this action with customers, the problem goes away.

For more information and updates on this problem and its solution, please see TID-10078520.

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