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Solving Problems with "+" Laden URLs

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Posted: 24 Jan 2003

If your iChain users are struggling with URLs that include "+" signs as part of the URL string, you'll need to download and apply iChain 2.1 Support Pack 1. This Support Pack can be downloaded here.

Here's what Support has discovered:
When a URL has a plus sign (+) in it and the user is forced to login through iChain, iChain changes the plus sign to a space character.

Example: would be a protected resource and the user first goes to "". Look at the source of the iChain login page and the destination of where the user will go after authenticating. It will send the user to " flash".

The sure-fire fix:
Apply the iChain 2.1 support pack 1 patch (ic21sp1.exe)

For more information and updates to this document, see TID-10078314.

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