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Posted: 24 Jan 2003

If your iChain users are struggling with URLs that include "+" signs as part of the URL string, you'll need to download and apply iChain 2.1 Support Pack 1. This Support Pack can be downloaded here.

Here's what Support has discovered:
When a URL has a plus sign (+) in it and the user is forced to login through iChain, iChain changes the plus sign to a space character.

Example: mail.novell.com would be a protected resource and the user first goes to "http://mail.novell.com/test.html?menu+flash". Look at the source of the iChain login page and the destination of where the user will go after authenticating. It will send the user to "http://mail.novell.com/test.html?menu flash".

The sure-fire fix:
Apply the iChain 2.1 support pack 1 patch (ic21sp1.exe)

For more information and updates to this document, see TID-10078314.

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