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Installing iChain 2.1 on Unsupported Hardware

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By Chris Van Den Abbeele

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Posted: 21 Mar 2003

Note: This only applies to iChain 2.1. iChain 2.2 has a manual install mode that deals with this extremely well. iChain 2.2 supports more hardware and has far better performance because it is based on a new kernel.

It is, however, possible to install iChain 2.1 Proxy Server on unsupported hardware. It is a bit tricky, and it requires you to go into the debugger and know what you are doing. This is not a fool proof guide, there are situations where this does not work. Also bear in mind that this is not meant for production systems and your configuration might not be supported by Novell.

  1. Copy the drivers for the not supported hardware (Network Card, SCSI controller,...) to a floppy.

  2. Boot from the iChain Proxy Server CD (it will erase your hard disks, as you know).

  3. When you run into the "infinite dots" (wait till you have at least a full screen, this is important).
    Go into Debug Mode by pressing : ALT + leftSHIFT + rightSHIFT + ESC.
    • At the debug prompt type c AppScreenLock <enter>
    • Type 00 <enter>
    • Type . <enter>
    • At the debug prompt, type c [DICSScreen]+28
    • Type 00 <enter>
    • Type . <enter>
    • Type <g>

  4. The console has been unlocked now and you can <ALT><ESC> to the desired auto-install screen.

  5. Stop this process (typically by pressing escape on the Hardware Detection screen). Do not fully abort it, just stall it. (like press ESC to interrupt, but when then asked for confirmation : "Do you really want to stop ?" do not answer, leave the process pending and go to the next step).

  6. Manually install the required drivers. You can use NWconfig, or hdetect for this. Because the system was not able to auto-detect your hardware, you have to know things like the IRQ number, IO ADDRESS, Slot Number etc... that you will be using for the devices.

  7. When this is done, let the auto-install continue and the system reboot.

  8. You might have to do this process second time.

Good Luck

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