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Running RConsoleJ on Linux: Part 3

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By Jeff Brown

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Posted: 24 Jun 2002

In talking with my new found friends Eric Duncan & Philip Chase a suggestion was made to me to add to the previous author's submissions. I found that Eric's script is using NetWare 6 as the platform for rconj on Linux and Philip's script is using Netware 5.x, hence the confusion. The has changed between NW5 & NW6, NW6 offers rconj over SSL (very nice, I might add) and references different .jar files than NW5.x.

I couldn't have found any of this out without what these two had submitted already and futhermore answering my questions. Thanks Eric!

Following Philip's suggestion of unzipping the from the NW5.x CD, I copied the .jar files to my existing ConsoleOne directory (/usr/ConsoleOne), with the NW6SP1 Here is my script:

export RCONJ=/usr/ConsoleOne
export MYJAVA=/opt/IBMJava2-13/jre



$MYJAVA/bin/java -cp $RCONJPATH com.novell.application.securerconsolej.RConsoleJApplication

This will give you an SSL RConJ session on your Linux box. Philip's instructions will give you an RConJ session for NW5.x.

Many thanks to Eric Duncan for his ingenuity and to Philip Chase for the clarity of his script. I couldn't have figured this out without interacting with both of them.

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