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ActivPack v2.0 for Novell eDirectory

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Posted: 28 Aug 2003

ActivPack® for Novell® eDirectoryTM offers a comprehensive solution for seamless integration and management of digital identity services within Novell eDirectory, Novell ConsoleOne®, Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS®), and Novell iChain®. ActivPack for Novell eDirectory secures authentication for local login to Novell eDirectory, remote access via Novell BorderManager®, and web access through Novell iChain.

When used with smart cards and ActivCard Gold, ActivPack for Novell eDirectory offers flexible methods for authenticating and accessing systems and services using private keys, digital certificates, dynamic passwords, or static passwords stored securely on the user's card. When using token-based authentication, users are granted access to diverse network and Internet services with dynamic passwords generated on the token for strong two-factor identification.

Embedded in Novell ConsoleOne, ActivPack for Novell eDirectory enables Novell administrators to centrally manage (create, distribute, and control) the credentials for all users managed by Novell eDirectory. ActivPack for Novell eDirectory provides a single point of administration with a consistent approach for all administrative features (managing users, desktops, network, security, applications, etc.).

ActivPack v2.0 for Novell eDirectory is the ONLY fully NMAS-integrated strong authentication solution supporting both tokens and smart cards. Smart card deployments can utilize either One Time Passwords (OTP) or Novell PKI certificates for authentication.

Fully integrated into Novell environments:

  • ConsoleOne snap-in for administration
  • NMAS login methods for smart cards using dynamic password or PKI
  • NMAS login method for tokens using dynamic password
  • Web-based authentication to Novell iChain
  • VPN authentication to Novell BorderManager using NMAS

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