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Location Header Not Being Rewritten in iChain 2.2

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Posted: 18 Sep 2003

Version: iChain 2.2

For more information and updates to this solution, please see TID-10080451

If you're seeing this problem:

Location: header in a redirect not being rewritten like it was in iChain 2.1
javascript redirect not working in iChain 2.2

Here's a solution:

  1. Make sure you are on a post-FCS (First Customer Ship) build of iChain.

  2. In iChain 2.1, the configuration below would rewrite the Location: header in a redirect to reflect a change from HTTP to HTTPS. (Note there is no Alternate Host Name being used). In iChain 2.2, the header is not rewritten to HTTPS unless the Alternate Host Name configuration is used.
  3. set accelerator mail
    set accelerator mail loginpage=
    set accelerator mail alturl=
    set accelerator mail port=80
    clear accelerator mail webserver
    add accelerator mail webserver=
    clear accelerator mail address
    add accelerator mail address=
    set accelerator mail webserverport=80
    set accelerator mail sendxforwardedforheader=No
    set accelerator mail fillhostheadertype=ForwardReceivedHost
    set accelerator mail hostmismatcherror=No

Note that the accelerator's DNS name is the same as the DNS name sent in the Location: header by the Web Server.

If "" is placed in the Alternate Host Name field then iChain 2.2 will correctly rewrite the Location: header to HTTPS.

The issue is resolved in IC22FP2A.EXE and later.

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