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Using the DOS Client with IP and NetWare 6

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By Adam Bradley

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Posted: 8 Jul 2002

The rub:
Per this TID, it appears the DOS client will always be an IPX-only application.

We use the DOS client to build EVERY machine pushed out of our factories. We can't move off of the DOS client yet, but we would like to move to IP to gain performace with NetWare 6's MP-enabled IP stack.

We don't like the idea of a compatibility-mode box, because it introduces a new point of failure.

Any ideas or suggestions about how we can resolve this? I thought about NFAP (Native File Access Pack), any ideas on that? PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) is an idea, but not everything is built on images, this only solves 10% of the problem.

The solution:
I have done this for NICs that have .LAN drivers. The instructions and files you need are at It even includes a cool boot menu for the most popular NICs.

If you need to use 16-bit .COM drivers, there are instructions at

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