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By Rich Roberts

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Posted: 26 May 2004

iChain projects now available in the Novell Forge.

iChain Password Management

This project is a collection of JSPs that provide self-service password management for Novell iChain users. The JSPs can be easily customized for a user\'s environment and flexible enough to be used to create additional iChain utilities with little effort.

Latest File Releases:
Misc JSPs Form Fill Script Builder March 19, 2004
iChainCommon.jar 2.3.011 April 1, 2004
Helpdesk JSPs initial March 30, 2004
Common JSPs initial March 30, 2004
Apache - Tomcat CONF Files samples March 30, 2004
Bundled Release 2.3.0 April 1, 2004
Password Management JSPs 2.3.012 April 13, 2004
iChainCommon Javadoc 2.3.011 April 29, 2004

Download the iChain Password Management Project files here

iChain Password Management FAQ - new

Novell iChain FormFill Scripts

Novell's iChain product offers a convenient form fill authentication feature that simplifies access to Web applications. Form fill authentication provides a way for you to enter your personal data into a Web-application form and store the information in eDirectory. This means that whenever you have to enter your information into the same Web-application form iChain automatically retrieves your credentials and completes the form for you. This project is focused on providing form-fill scripts to help with the deployment of iChain.

Latest File Releases:
GroupWise - Secret Store initial March 19, 2004
eGuide - Secret Store initial March 19, 2004
PeopleSoft 8 - LDAP Auth initial March 20, 2004
Ariba - Secret Store initial March 20, 2004
iManager 1x - Secret Store initial March 20, 2004
GroupWise - Shared Secret initial March 20, 2004
Template initial March 20, 2004
iFolder - Secret Store initial March 20, 2004
NW6x Web Manager Admin initial March 20, 2004
NFuse and ICA Session update 1 May 6, 2004 - updated
Lotus iNotes - Secret Store initial April 1, 2004
Lotus Domino Apps - Secrt Stor initial April 1, 2004
Kintana - Secret Store initial April 1, 2004
Oracle Expenses - Secret Store initial April 2, 2004
Form Fill Policy Builder Novell Cool Solutions April 2, 2004
GE Med OBLink - Secret Store initial April 6, 2004

Download the Novell iChain FormFill Scripts Project files here

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