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Cluster Enabling Your DNS Service

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Posted: 8 Jul 2002

I've set up a NetWare 6 cluster (2 nodes) in a VMWare environment and wanted to cluster-enable my DNS service. I'd like to share my steps to achieve this:

  1. I installed the Java DNS/DHCP console.
  2. Node1 configured as the Primary DNS and Node2 as the Secondary DNS server.
  3. Created the Zone, Resource records and put both DNS addresses in DHCP.
  4. Under the Cluster-container object, I created a resource "DNS-resource" based on the DHCP cluster-resource template.Edited the load/unload scripts and changed the "DHCPSRVR" into "NAMED"
  5. Activated the DNS cluster-resource and was able to fully migrate/failover and failback my DNS resource.

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