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Command-line Upgrade (OTWUG) for iChain 2.x

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Posted: 23 Jul 2004

TID10093132 - Command-line upgrade (OTWUG) for iChain 2.x

Normally, updates to iChain are done in the web gui, on the System->Upgrade tab. But in cases where you need to upgrade iChain and you are locked out of the web gui (like when the evaluation license has expired), you can still upgrade iChain with these command-line commands:

(iChain upgrades consist of two files, the .TXT and the .ZIP, like: iChain22sp3.txt and These two upgrade files must be placed on a web server that iChain can access. OTWUG stands for "Over The Wire UpGrade", and iChain needs to download these two upgrade files over HTTP).

  1. Make sure the "url=" line in the <upgrade>.TXT file has the right HTTP address to where the <upgrade>.ZIP is at.

  2. Make sure you specify the .TXT filename in the "installurl" setting below (not the .ZIP file).

  3. > set upgrade p installurl=http://***IP_ADDR***/<UPGRADE_FILE>.txt
    > set upgrade p enabledownload=yes
    > set upgrade p enableinstall=yes
    > apply

Box should reboot.

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