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Cutting Restore Time by Improving Transfer Speed

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By Jason Rooth

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Posted: 9 Jul 2002

Moving data:
We are just starting to roll out NetWare 6 to 88 production sites around Victoria, Australia. As we cutover a site we need to restore their data from the backup to the new server.

When using the VERITAS Backup Exec Agent Accelerator 8.50 (24 Sep 2001), we get 1.5MB/min speeds. To improve the transfer speed, we tried reconfiguring the NICs, switches, drivers etc., etc.... In the end, we didn't use the Backup Exec SMS option but redirected to the NetWare Services, NetWare Server. We ended up getting speeds near 340MB/min restore.

I couldn't find info on this anywhere!

Parting words:
When backing up a NetWare 4.11 machine and restoring to a NetWare 6 server or another OS, remember to check the "backup uncompressed" option in the "Job Definitions" NetWare tab.

This tip was submitted by our Aussie friend, Jason Rooth. You can contact Jason at

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