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Customize iChain Login Page Error Messages

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By Gary Gilbert

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Posted: 24 Nov 2004


How to customize iChain Login Page error messages.


Using Javascript, you can intercept the default iChain error messages and override with your own message.


<!-- Add the following javascript code to the top of the caloglfn.htm page. -->

<script language="JavaScript">

//This will be parsed out by iChain
//and replaced with the login message
	var ichainMessage = "ERROR_STATUS";

	function checkIChainMessage(ichainMessage) {
		if (ichainMessage == "Login failed. Please try again.") {
document.getElementById("promptMsg").innerHTML = "<strong>*Your Error Message*</strong>";

<!-- Setup the promptMsg and javascript call. -->

<p id="promptMsg">Please Enter your User ID and Password.</p>

<form name="form_data" ACTION="auth-up" METHOD="POST">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="proxypath" VALUE="<PROXY_PATH>">
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