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Install Tips for Running PHP on NetWare

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By Willem de Pater

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Posted: 18 Jul 2002

We got these key details from Willem de Pater, a Novell Sales Consultant based in the Netherlands. Thanks Willem!

I wanted to setup PHP on NetWare and give it a go. The readme directed me to implement the NDK LibC. Neither the documentation nor the readme for LibC explained exactly how to install this critical piece of the PHP puzzle.

After the installation in SYS:/NOVELL or C:\NOVELL, I first tried copying the /NDK/LIBC/LIB stuff into SYS:SYSTEM but ended up re-installing NetWare (don't ya hate it when that happens?). I then tried copying them to C:\NWSERVER and that did the trick.

So in short....

  1. download LE169 and LIBC from the developer website (
  2. Unzip LE169 into SYS:
  3. Add search to SYS:/PHP
  4. Copy /NOVELL/NDK/LIBC/LIB to C:\NWSERVER (make a backup)
  6. Reboot and you're done, http:[ipaddress:port]/samples/php/phpinfo.php

PHP is an open source, cross-platform, HTML-embedded, general purpose, server-side scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.

To download this component look for Leading Edge 169 at

For more information on PHP visit

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