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Posted: 18 Jul 2002

A query from the forums:
Our company has been looking for a tool that can run on a NetWare server (versions 5 and 6) to simulate high CPU utilization for testing in our lab. Basically it is to compare NetWare 6 to Windows 2000 on the same hardware. We are using DIR /S on the Windows side to simulate high CPU utilization.

An answer, or two:
For a professional benchmarking solution, download NetBench from http://www.etestinglabs.com/ You'll need a truckload of workstations to create enough load on server to begin your comparision.

If you want to create load without workstations, load dts.nlm several times with /a or other parameters. You can get dts.nlm (and its related documentation) in the "software test tools" section of the Novell Developer Kit at http://developer.novell.com/ndk/

If you're interested in test results without the work, you can check out the benchmarks that are available from any of a number of third-party testing firms.

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