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Simplifying Across-The-Wire Upgrades

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By Robert Stout

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Posted: 22 Jul 2002

When I am preparing a new server for an across-the-wire migration I assign it the same IP address as the old server that it's going to replace -- but I don't have it connected to the network (to avoid those nasty duplicate IP address problems).

After the OS is installed and the server reboots, I edit the autoexec.ncf to a temp IP address, reboot and connect to the network. By doing so I'm able to give the new server the IP address of the drecommissionedserver so all the services work after the upgrade.

This is a pretty sure-fire way to get out of worrying about (finding and modifying) all the nooks and crannys that have a reference to the server's IP address.

Many thanks to Robert Stout for this useful tip. Robert can be reached at

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