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Client Upgrades: Quelling User Prompts

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By Mark Schouls

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Posted: 29 Jul 2002

Here's how to prevent users from getting prompted when upgrading their client to v4.83 using ACU.EXE (Automatic Client Upgrade).

  1. Create an unattend.txt file using NCIMAN and set the following on the "Setup" tab:
    1. Uncheck "Display initial screen"
    2. Check "Accept license agreement"
    3. Check "Reboot upon completion", and "Force reboot regardless of other applications"

  2. Modify ACU.INI to include the following:
  3. [LaunchInstall]
    (this is the full path to the unattend.txt file you created using NCIMAN)

Now call ACU.EXE, and the install should be completely silent, with no user intervention required.

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