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Windows Compatible File Formats in Linux

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By Jason Jones

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Posted: 15 Dec 2004

File formats are probably taken for granted more than anything else in computers. They are an essential component of productivity. If you receive a file from a client, and you can't open it, it does you no good at all.

One of the issues people have with using Linux is not being able to use the same programs or open the same files as in Windows. In some cases, this is a valid concern whereas in others, it should be no concern at all.

Linux has a few programs that will open and read files created in windows. Some of them will even save in a Windows compatible format.

Here is a list:

  • GNUCash is a Linux-based financial program which can read and import Quicken files.
  • Open Office Writer is a word processor which can both read and write in Microsoft Word format.
  • KWord also is a word processor capable of reading and writing in Microsoft Word format. It can also read Corel WordPerfect files.
  • Open Office Calc is a spreadsheet program which can both read and write in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Open Office Impress is a presentation program capable of reading and writing in the Microsoft PowerPoint format.
  • The Gimp is an image processor program capable of reading and writing in the Adobe Photoshop format.
There are programs being developed in Linux minute-by-minute, so this list will inevitably grow as time passes.

So, if you're worried about switching to Linux because you won't be able to read the .doc files in your email attachments, don't worry. Linux can handle it.

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