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Unregistering a Workstation

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By Todd Grant

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Posted: 21 Apr 1999

Brought to you by Todd Grant

Is there a way to unregister a workstation once it has been registered and imported into NDS? Why would you want to do this?

If you look in the SYS:PUBLIC directory of a server that has installed, you will notice two files named UNREG16.EXE and UNREG32.EXE. You can run UNREG16.EXE on Windows 3.1 workstations and UNREG32.EXE on Windows 95 and Windows NT workstations to unregister them.

One reason unregistering a workstation might be useful is if you plan to move a user (and workstation) to a different NDS tree. Once the workstation has been unregistered and you have moved the User object to the other tree, you can run WSREG16.EXE (Windows 3.1) or WSREG32.EXE (Windows 95 and Windows NT) on that workstation to reregister it. You can then import it back into NDS in the other tree.

You also might want to unregister a workstation if you have run the registration program on it and it still doesn't show up in the list of registered workstations to be imported into NDS. After unregistering the workstation, run the registration program on it again to reregister it and then see if it shows up in the registered workstations list. You might have already set up workstation registration to run automatically through a login script or Novell Application Launcher, so running the registration program manually again might not be necessary.

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