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Detecting a Dial-Up Connection

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Posted: 4 May 1999

Did you know that Application Launcher and Application Explorer automatically detect a dial-up networking session? If such a connection is detected, the user is given the option to exit Application Launcher or continue to have Application read information from NDS.

For example, suppose that you've put a command in a user's login script to run nal.exe. The user goes home and, with a 28.8Kbps modem, dials and connects to the company's network. Application Launcher recognizes the dial-up connection. Rather than wait until lunchtime for Application Launcher to read the NDS tree for Application object information, the user can close the launcher and receive any Application Launcher-delivered applications.

Disable Dial-Up Detection
If, for some reason, you need to turn the detection off, here's how it's done:

Add the following Registry setting to the user's workstation:


Name: SkipDialup
Value: 1

Note: You can make this Registry change using an Application object (see the Registry Settings property page). Disabling dial-up detection is valid for Windows 95 and Windows NT only.

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