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Using an AOT to Fix Win95 and Win98 Y2K Settings

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By Mark Poole

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Posted: 4 May 1999

b>[Editor's Note: This helpful tip was contributed by Mark Poole, a very nice IT guy from James Madison University who we met at Brainshare99 in Salt Lake City. Thanks, Mark. Keep ?em coming.]

As you know, both Windows95 and Windows98 ship with their regional settings set for a two-digit year (as Check2000 will show you). In order to fix this, we whipped up an Application Object to take care of it. It (obviously) wasn't very hard, but it saved us from either asking the end users to do it themselves, or asking a tech to go fix 3000 computers. Here's the AXT file.


[Application Name]
Value=Y2K windows settings patch

[Application Caption]
Value=Y2K settings patch

[Application Path]
Value= 47 NULL

[Application Flags]
Flag=Install Only
Flag=Run Once
Flag=Never Prompt Reboot
Flag=No Distribution Window

[Application Platform]
Flag=Windows 95

[Registry Value Create]
Flag=Write Always
Key=HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International

[INI Identifier Create]
Flag=Write Always

[Application Version]

[Application Association Flags]
Flag=Force Run

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