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NetWare 6 Tuning Tips

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Posted: 5 Aug 2002

Version: NetWare 6

For the most part, NetWare 6 was designed to be "self tuning" but we were able to dig up a few docs to help you do your part to get all the horsepower you can out of your NetWare 6 server.

From NetWare 6 documentation:

General performance, tuning, and optimization TID:

Tuning the web server:

A few tips for tuning NetWare 6 are to lower the default packet receive buffer settings to a reasonable number (2000 for min and 10000 for max aren't optimal for many installations) and then set the min to the max after a period of time of running normally. Novell Storage Services (NSS) will typically self-tune properly after applying NW6SP1. eDirectory is usually also self-tuning based on usage.

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