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Filtering Apps by Processor Speed

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Matt Brooks

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Posted: 21 Jul 1999

Some applications are only suitable for fast machines. Right? Take, for example, Office 2000. You probably don't want to distribute it to Pentiums with 66 Mhz, but you do want to get it to all your Pentiums with 120 Mhz. If you ever need to filter your applications so they will only be available on workstations whose processor is a specific speed, read on. NAL engineer Matt Brooks offers this snazzy tip for how to do this using Windows NT System Requirements.

On Windows NT, it's EASY! Create a System Requirement for a Registry Setting and check for a value greater than or equal to the speed (or less than or equal) what ever.

Here's the Registry setting:

Value name is ~MHZ
Value type is DWORD
Value could be 300 or whatever you want.

Cool Stuff!

P.S. If any readers know how to do this on Win 9x, please share!

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