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Updating McAfee, Part 2

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By Dan Sobel

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Posted: 1 Sep 1999

Here's a tip from cool reader Dan Sobel.

About your tip on Upgrading McAfee (also related to TID 2944413):

First, while the scripts posted were useful (I would have hated to tried to FIND them on my own, let alone make them work), there is a better way. NAI has released a "SuperDAT" utility that does the Shutdown, Upgrade (of both the Executables and Definition files), and then Restarts Service. This utility can be found at:

To do the update, you still have to be an administrator. However, Novell, has provided a "Method" to get around this problem. That is "Workstation Manager". By scheduling the update as a policy event, it can gain "system" rights, to make it happen. The key is that the workstation must also have enough rights to see the files to download (I didn't realize that you could have multiple connections as different "Users" in NetWare from the same station, but that appears to be what's happening).

BTW, Just being able to use Workstation Manager to log into anyone's workstation as myself implemented last week) has been a MAJOR improvement for me.

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