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Integrating Icons and Start Menu

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Nigel Noble

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Posted: 8 Sep 1999

I noticed that a reader was asking in the "Ask the experts" section: "Can we integrate the App Launcher icons and the Start Menu?"

We've done something that might help answer the question. We have menus stored on a NetWare server in S:%5CMenus (in our case).

We have an environment variable "ZONE" on the WinNT workstation (set by a program we wrote) and a corresponding directory in S:%5CMenus.

Next, we have an NT Computer System policy, which has amongst its entries:

Windows NT Shell/Custom Shared Folders/

Custom Shared Program Folders: S:%5CMenus%5C%_ZONE%%5CStart Menu%5CPrograms

This makes the workstation look for the Start Menu on the network server.

Our shortcuts point to: NAL.EXE /a=".app_name.xx.xx"

The result is that different PCs can have different Start Menus based on the %ZONE% that they're in, and I can alter all the menus from a single location! Talk about Zero Effort!!

We have also added IRFs to certain folders making the menus user-dynamic as well as machine-dynamic.

This doesn't affect the "above the line" program files as these belong to the user. The "below the line" programs are dragged from the NetWare server.

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