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Pad your System Requirements

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By Sande Nissen

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Posted: 15 Sep 1999

Cool Reader Sande Nissen sent the following little tip about padding your system requirements in case some of your computers are secretly stealing memory. Thanks, Sande.

Here's a tip for setting application system requirements. We configure all our desktop and portable PCs with common memory configurations, like 16MB or 32MB or 64MB. So when I test an application, I decide it needs a "32MB computer". I used to set the system memory requirements to be 32 MB, but not anymore. It turns out that a few of our notebook computers used a small bit of system memory for video RAM. Therefore, if I really set the memory requirement to 32 MB, that application will never appear on the NAL toolbar. Instead, I now set the memory requirements to about 2MB less, like 30 MB. Now the application appears as it should, and I still fulfill my intention that it run only on "32MB computers".

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