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Danger When Testing for Y2K

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Posted: 27 Oct 1999

Testing Y2K? Just lately a lot of people have been getting themselves in deep doo-doo by testing stuff in their production environment. Memorize this, and chant it every morning in your team meeting: YEAR 2000 READY TESTING OF NOVELL PRODUCTS SHOULD BE DONE IN A TEST ENVIRONMENT ONLY, NOT IN A LIVE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.

Moving time forward for testing then backward again to perform another test or to reset to the current time on a NetWare server requires the generation of a new Epoch to resolve "future" time stamps in the NDS database. Declaring a new Epoch sends ALL NDS objects to all holders of NDS replicas which, depending on the tree design, has been known to require excessive network bandwidth while the new Epoch information is distributed.

A similar caution is in order for testing GroupWise. If purge or archive rules are created by the user or administrator and the date of the client machine or server is advanced to test for Year 2000 issues in a production environment, the purge or archive rules may be invoked and GroupWise mail, appointments, tasks, etc., may be permanently erased.

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