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Getting Excessive Tree Walking with ZENworks and don't know why?

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By Peter Lambrechtsen

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Posted: 3 Nov 1999


This entry was awarded 1st Prize by the judges of the ZENworks Tip Contest. Peter is a Technical Support Engineer in EMEA - NTS, Netherlands. To see all the winners, check out this article.

There are two aspects of ZENworks that can do excessive tree walking if you are not careful.

Desktop Management:

If you do not create a "Search Policy" in a "Container Policy Package" in the container which holds the users, when the user logs in (by default without a search policy) Desktop Management will search all the way to the root of the tree. The solution is to create a Search Policy Package at the top of your NDS Partition for the current container, so that ZENworks will not search any higher in the tree.

Novell Application Launcher:

There are two parts of NAL that can conceivably do tree walking.

1) The Configuration Tree

By default NAL will also search all the way to the root (well, actually the Organization Object) of the tree for its configuration. If you do not set any configuration settings, each (and every) copy of NAL that is started up on a workstation will search up to the Org Object and then search each OU until it hits the User Objects configuration.

To change this, go into the details of the root of the partition, under the "Launcher Configuration" tab, and select Use as top of configuration tree. This will cause NAL to only search for its configuration to this point, and no higher.

2) Application Inheritance Level

Sometimes you would like NAL objects associated in the parent container to be in the user's available NAL applications. By default NAL will only search the current user, the groups the user is a member of, and the current container.

If you set the "Application Inheritance Level" to 2, then NAL will search the user's context, and it will also search the user's parent context. If you set the AIL to 0 it will not search any contexts at all (and only search the specific user object and groups that the user is a member of) and if you set it to -1, then NAL will search from the root of the tree.

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