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Hiding the Folders

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Frank T. Cianci

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Posted: 10 Nov 1999

Someone had asked the following question in the Q&A section:

Edgar Y. wrote: Hi, I did not want to call support for a small question like this. In 4.x and ZEN 1.1, How do I make the application launcher folder that appears on the desktop only show the icons, instead of the many folders you have to click to get to them. Our users are not willing to use it, if everyday they have to do this.

Your response: Sorry, there is no way around the folders. However, you can place icons directly on the desktop.

Actually you can get around this. I run Nalexpld, which doesn't give you the Windows Explorer look of all the NAL objects. Lot cleaner.

In NWAdmn32, right click on the container that holds the App objects, Details | Launcher Configuration | Mode = View objects effective settings | set Display icon on Desktop = No.

This will hide the Application Explorer icon from the desktop. Then as you suggested, place the icon on the desktop and also the Start Menu. (The most-used apps, like nwadmn32, I also put in the system tray.)

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