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Table Sorting in the UK

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By Claire Maxted

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Posted: 24 Nov 1999

Claire Maxted of the Kent Police Department in the UK wrote:

I believe I have found a solution which has been bugging me for ages and might be of use to other users out there who use Office 95/97 and also had the A4 default printing problem which I had when I first implemented ZEN at the beginning of the year.

The problem my users have had is that they have been unable to SORT data in TABLES created in WORD. Word immediately hangs and all you can do is END TASK the word application.

After a lot of fiddling about, I found that the following registry settings were missing:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International

String values




The reason why these were not in place/being replaced, is due to my "United Kingdom (default)" application object which I have set to RUN ONCE and FORCE RUN for every user the first time they log in, thus their default paper size is always set to A4.

I created this application object from an AXT/AOT file which I downloaded from the NOVELL web site several months ago and I created a "United Kingdom (default)" application object from this AOT. I set this to RUN ONCE and FORCE RUN for every user. In this app object there are quite a few settings which refer to UK settings ie 44 for country, but there is nothing set for the s1159,s2359,sCurrency ... they are blank. If you amend those values to the settings above then table sorting works!!!!

A tad bizarre, but you never know another ZEN techie might have the same problem.

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