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Workaround for WinNT Custom Folders problem

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By Gary Ashcroft

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Posted: 1 Dec 1999

About one to two months ago I struck a problem when trying to install applications from a snAppShot.

"Could not configure workstation for application (Myapplication object) Problem: Unable to process Group/Shortcut setting [Z:%5CWINNT] (D01C)"

I checked the Novell site and found that it was a documented problem with NAL, the TID number was TID 10020412.

Well I believe I have found the cause AND the Fix.

It is caused by enabling the "Custom Programs Folder" option in the "Windows NT Shell Custom Folders" of an NT User System Policy for an NT User Policy Package. We enabled this to point to a location where the user does not have WRITE access, (it was a subdirectory on SYS\PUBLIC. Within the application object was "Shortcuts." It seems that the application object was trying to write these to the SYS\Public subdirectory we set the Custom folders to. This was stopping the application object from being installed.

Deleting the Shortcuts from the object beat the problem. (Which was an OK solution for us.) It had been bugging us for months.

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