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Updating McAfee, Part 5

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By Ujjain Kumar

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Posted: 26 Jan 2000

Ujjain is an Information Technology Systems Associate in the United Nations Development Programme. He lives in Suva, Fiji Islands.

This is the fifth solution to the problem of how to distribute McAfee Updates. So far, what we've published includes:

Here's another way to upgrade the McAfee Viruscan. Since the SmartUpdate wizard file is so big (three times the size of the DAT file) some countries with slow Internet connection have problems downloading. The best option is to download the DAT file, which is smaller in size, and is more convenient. Create a McAfee sub-directory on your local or network drive and making it shareable if there is need for it.

To upgrade your McAfee Viruscan using the DAT file, configure the McAfee Viruscan Scheduler to do it for you.

  • Open the McAfee Viruscan Scheduler and double-click on the AutoUpdate option to open for configuration.

  • Click on the configure button to enter your details.

  • Click on the EDIT button to enter your configuration information.

  • Type something to your xxxx local site name. Then under Select Transfer method, click the radio button to choose Copy from local network computer.

  • The following window will open where you enter the location of the DAT file, which would be on your local or network drive. Use the browse button to select the location and click on OK.

  • After entering the location of the DAT file and clicking on ok. In the following window, click on Update now to start the update process. After the update is done, the system will prompt to restart. Select OK to restart.

    From now on, all you need to do is

    1. Download the DAT file to the location you specified.
    2. Start the McAfee Scheduler.
    3. Select the AutoUpdate option.
    4. Click on the START button to start the automatic update.

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