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Running Software Without the CD

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By Chad Odom

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Posted: 19 Apr 2000

Regarding the question of how to run software without the CD present. I work at a local private school, and we have run into this problem time and time again. We have found that copying the entire CD to the server, and then running the install from there helps in some situations, but in some cases where it does require that the CD be in the drive, we have done something quite handy, yet time comsuming to set up.

We have gone into the device manager, changed the drive the CD-ROM takes up, to say Q: (or wherever), and then ran snAppShot, and created the AOT for the install, then finished up the AOT, and changed the CD-ROM back to D: or whatever. All we do then, is just map root a drive on run of the application to the Q: (or wherever), to where we have copied the CD-ROM at onto the server. Kinda tricky, and a little more time consuming than the normal AOT, but the true purpose of ZEN is to save you time in the long run.

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