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Making a Sticky User ID in Client 3.2

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By Gov Maharaj

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Posted: 26 Apr 2000

As some of you may have noticed, whenever you install/upgrade to Client 3.2 for W95/98 the user who installed it will keep showing up in the login ID field. It doesn't remember the user ID of the last person to login.

Here's the fix, but it requires you to edit the registry, and as always, remember to backup your registry before attempting any editing.

Go to the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Novell\Location Profiles\Services\??CLSID??\Default and look for a binary/hex entry for "Save on Exit". It will have a hex value of 0. Change it to 1 and save it. There, you're done and Client 3.2 will be fixed.

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Comments About this Tip

Gus Reyes wrote:
In response to Tip: Making a Sticky User ID in Client 3.2 by Gov Maharaj. Those who are hesitant to edit the registry can use this method instead:

Go into the properties of the Novell NetWare Client. Select the Location Profiles tab, highlight the Default profile and click Properties. Under Default Login Services, click Properties and checkmark the box 'Save Profile after successful Login.'

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