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Accessing a URL from Anywhere

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By Ruud Hanegraaf

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Posted: 14 Jun 2000

Current Version: ZENworks 2

In response to Daniel Stricharz' tip about distributing URLs and documents using ZEN, here's another way:

I discovered this one when I had to find a way to access certain pages on our intranet site from within our SAP ERP systems, while using all kinds of different browsers.

When you want to access a URL - without having to bother yourself with the exact location, version or 'brand' of the browser - you can execute this command:

rundll32 c:\windows\system\url.dll,FileProtocolHandler (Or any other URL.)

This command looks in the registry for what program is associated with the specified file, and then automatically opens the file with that particular program.

This also means that this command works for any file type that Explorer knows about! So if you specify a .doc file instead of a URL, it will start Microsoft Word.

(When using Windows NT, you should specify c:\winnt\system32\url.dll of course.)

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