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App Objects for Dialup Users

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Jeremy Mccarthy

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Posted: 30 Jun 2000

So that dialup users don't miss out on the benefits of NAL delivered applications, I devised a simple way to allow this. Basically you put together a CD with the application object source and make a copy of the app object in the tree. With the copy you do three things.

  1. Firstly you change the source directory to point at the appropriate CDROM drive letter (eg. D:\APP SOURCE\).

  2. Secondly to get around the fact that files copied from CD are made read-only put a command line in the 'run after termination' script similar to:
    @c:\windows\command\attrib -r "c:\PROGRAM DIR\*.*" /S.

  3. And lastly, associate it with the dialup users. We have several small offices that use only dialup access and this works well for (re)installation of most apps.

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