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Lights-Out Distribution of Novell Client

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By Greg DeBrun

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Posted: 2 Aug 2000

Current Version: ZENworks 2

In regards to Lights-out distribution of the client, I've gotten this to work quite well.

  1. First create an app object and set the appropriate system requirements.
  2. In the "Run before Launching" Launch Scripts tab, enter something similiar to:

    REM *** The following will Auto-Update the workstations with the latest version of the Novell Client32 ***

    IF OS = "WIN95" THEN
    @\\Server_name\Volume\CLIENT\ZEN32\W95\SETUP.EXE /ACU

    IF OS = "WIN98" THEN
    @\\Server_name\Volume\CLIENT\ZEN32\W98\SETUP.EXE /ACU

  3. Under Schedule tab, set your range of days and times to be available. I've set all days with a time range between 10:00pm and 6:00am.
  4. Set the same schedule on the Pre-Install Tab.
  5. Set appropriate R&F rights to the file system path you've specified in the login script, and then associate this app with as few or as many workstation objects you want.

Although not required, you can set up the fault tolerance and SNMP reporting to check to see if there were any problems.

Works great for us and saves a lot of time. Also, we used to have the same scripts in the user's main login script. Which can drag down the network when the users are logging in during the morning.

If you have any questions you may contact Greg at

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