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Naming Printer Objects with their NDS Printer Name

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By Michael Raugh

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Posted: 16 Aug 2000

In working with Windows 9x printer policies, I've discovered an awkward default: the printer objects created on the workstation get named after the print driver, not the NDS printer name. When there are multiple printers with the same driver being pushed to the workstation, they get names like "HP LaserJet 4 (Copy 1)", "HP LaserJet 4 (Copy 2)", etc. Not very intuitive.

TID 10017549 tells how to change this so that the NDS name of the printer is used by making a registry change on the workstation. Being in the middle of rolling out the new ZENworks for Desktops, however, I had to go a step further and figure out how to use ZfD to enforce that change. It could be done by force-run of an application object, but a smoother way to do it is via the Computer Extensible Policies feature.

I wrote the following custom ADM file:


CATEGORY "AHC Registry Tweaks"


POLICY "Use NDS Name for Downloaded Printers"

VALUENAME "Name Format"


END CATEGORY ; AHC Registry Tweaks

By importing this into the Computer Extensible Policies section of my Win9x Computer policy packages, I can have this key set automatically on all of my workstations. (By the way, NT workstations don't need this tweak; the NDS name is used by default.)

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