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Adding Users to Groups

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By David Linker

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Posted: 27 Sep 2000

You've had some questions about how to add users to groups automatically. Although you can't add users to groups automatically, you can achieve a similar effect as follows:

Let's say you have different drive mappings that you want to set depending on whether you're using a 95 machine or an NT machine. You create two App objects, MAP_95 and MAP_NT which set the appropriate mappings. In the 95 version, you set the system requirements to 95 and similarly for the NT version of the app. Then you associate BOTH apps as force run to the same NetWare group. If someone in this group logs on from a 95 machine they get one drive mapping, while the same person logging in to an NT machine will get a different drive mapping.

This can be extended to test all sorts of requirements. In our environment, we have a flag file on every laptop that you can check for in the system Requirements. You could create two apps, which check whether the flag file exists or not, then install the full application on a laptop and run it from C: or just run the application from a server if using a desktop. The uses are endless.

This could also solve the problem

"OR vs.AND in environment variables"

You create a copy of the APP (and sync GUIDs if desired) for each environment variable value (ie five apps for multimedia and five apps for standard in the example stated). Then you set each copy to just check for one value of the environment variable. Assign all ten apps to a single group and only one will appear for each of the ten cases.

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