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Making a Secure Sub-window

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By David Stock

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Posted: 3 Oct 2000

Hello. I was browsing your site again tonight & while going through past Q&A I noticed one problem which I took on back in the NAL days (before it became part of ZENworks). The question was about placing a folder full of Adobe Acrobat files in a NAL icon. When attempting to make a "sub-window" about two and a half years ago I found a solution using Windows explorer that was a touch more secure than the one you mentioned.

If you create an app with the command line: explorer /root,<dir path> it will open an explorer window where the user cannot go to the parent directory.

Important: The command MUST hold the format:

"explorer /root,<dir path>"

<dir path> is the folder/directory you wish to open in a new window. The comma MUST be included, and if a directory path doesn't immediately follow the comma, explorer will open a window of the current desktop.

In a Win95 environment I used this solution in a lab locked down with Windows 95 policies (again before ZEN existed) and it kept even our most "gifted" student from using the window to gain access to the remainder of the workstation.

Just thought I'd like to contribute an idea to a site that has helped me in the past. Keep up the good work.

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