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Odd behavior of IE5 using Student Profiles

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Posted: 11 Oct 2000

If you have other ideas, let us know.

Question: Mike W. wrote: We are using ZEN 2 to lock down our High School labs and come across a problem. It appears that with the profile for the students if you are use IE 5.1 and in the address line you type and address using "http://www" the PC says that the address is not accessible. If you leave off the "http://www" and simply type "", or some other address, IE is happy and takes you there. If we use the profile for our tech support or any of the other "higher" level profiles the problem goes away. We are unable to find the difference in the profile that accounts for this issue. Any ideas?

Answer: Sorry, no idea. Anyone out there got anything for Mike?


Jim Webb

This is a response to the Mike W. problem. I had the same problem when I upgraded to IE 5.01 and had the run command removed from the start menu. I search Microsoft's site and found that they had a patch but you had to call to get it. The patch worked but is not availble to the public. However, since then the problem has been fixed in IE 5.01 SP1 or IE 5.5. Hope this helps.

Rik Hepworth

The real gen on the problem can be found with the Microsoft KB article:

Q250915 - Error Message: Access to the Resource 'HTTP://<Location>' Has Been Disallowed

This says that if you have the NoRun policy enabled with IE5 this error occurs. MS' fix is to put IE501sp1 on.

Neil Stansbury

This is also a bug in IE5, under the same circumstances. It's just an updated DLL that needs to be applied.

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