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Finding Objects Distributed Before the Reporting Database Came Along

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By Julian Greenwood

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Posted: 1 Nov 2000

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

Ever wanted to be able to grab a report about application objects that were already distributed to your desktops before you got your reporting database up and running? Well here is a real quick solution.

  1. Look at the distribution tab of the application that you want to report on. Here you will find a GUID XXXX-XXXXX-XXX-XXX
  2. Copy this down.
  3. Next run a regedit and find where NAL placed this guid in the registry (in a few places). Look for the key under H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  4. Next create an application object with nothing in it. Call it XXXXX-reporting (xxx being the AO name you want to report on.)
  5. Next go to the reporting AO and set a registry requirement that the key you just found under HKLM be present.

    OK, you now have an AO that will only run on machines that have the GUID of the AO that you want a report on.

  6. Next set reporting on and you will get a report back once you run the AO of all users and machines that have this GUID.

ZEN to the rescue once again.

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