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Posted: 3 Sep 2002

Managing Novell iFolder Accounts

Once Novell iFolder is installed and running, you have access to the following two Web sites:

The default iFolder Web site
This site contains the iFolder Client Quick Start Guide and other important information about Novell iFolder. It is also where users will download the iFolder client and access their iFolder files via a browser. You can modify this page to fit your company's internal needs.

To access the default iFolder Web site, enter the IP address or the DNS name of your server into a browser.

The Server Management Console
The Server Management Console lets you manage your users' iFolder accounts. From this site, you perform administrative tasks and manage the activity between the server and the iFolder clients. Access the Server Management Console by opening a browser and entering https://ifolderserverip/iFolderServer/Admin.

IMPORTANT: The Server Management Console URL is case sensitive.

For more information, see Using the Server Management Console in the documentation section of

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