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Finding Rogue Workstation Connections

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Jeff Gebhart

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Posted: 6 Dec 2000

Have you ever tried to troubleshoot rogue workstation connections with ZENworks 2.0? If you have a lot of servers, you might run into issues with workstations connecting to unintended locations.

The hard way to find out where the workstations are connecting is to look at the servers and see what connections they have. Not a very easy way if you have a lot of servers.

Here's how I've managed to get around this.

  1. Create an application object. Have it point to C:\Winnt\System32\NWTRAY.exe.
  2. Run the app as Unsecure System.
  3. Now, go into Task Manager and kill the NWTRAY.EXE process (you might even be able to do this from the app with a pre-execution script and the KILL command from the NT Res Kit.)
  4. Now run the app that you've created. If you go to the N icon and select NetWare Connections, you will see all of your workstation connections.

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